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Kingston West Free Methodist Church

We are a group of people following Jesus. We come from Kingston and surrounding area, from all sorts of backgrounds and life stages.  We are open for in person Worship Services, Sunday at 10AM and following Public Health guidelines.  You can also join us on-line with the links further down the page. 

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Even if Faithfulness 8 of 10
February 17, 2024
Even if Faithfulness 8 of 10

We're in week eight of our series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Faithfulness, as we will see today, is unique in that it is a title that one earns over the course of time. Faithfulness is not just a one-time momentary event. It is a day-in, day-out process

The Journey To Goodness 7 of 10
The Journey To Goodness 7 of 10

Today we'll talk about three essential distinctions we need to make in order to fully cultivate goodness as a fruit of the Spirit.

Try A Little Kindness 6 of 10
Try A Little Kindness 6 of 10

Today, we are moving onto the 5th fruit which is kindness. As followers of Christ the call to kindness is more than just merely "Let's be kind." If you are flowing in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, you will take seriously the call to kindness.

Patience Is 5 of 10
Patience Is 5 of 10

Today we’ll venture into the fourth quality of the Spirit's fruit, which is Patience. In our age of hyper-connectivity, patience has become a lost art.


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10:00 AM
Teen Challenge

Please join us on Sunday March 3 at 10am Teen Challenge will be sharing about there ministry.



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